Our Summer II Collection Available Now

  • August 13, 2021 2 min read

    Meet today’s Marché Muses, The Tendler Sisters of A Sister Brand Romi Tendler- Co Founder / Emmy Tendler- Co Founder / Lianne Tendler- Co founder

    A Sister Brand offers unique handmade tie dye pieces for everyone while donating to help those marginalized in our community. 



    The 3 of us have always discussed (and even attempted) to start businesses in the past that didn’t go anywhere. We decided to have a fun tie dye day at the beginning of quarantine and when we shared our tie dye results we were overwhelmed by orders from friends and family. It was then that we realized this could become an actual brand and things kept rolling from there!

    @Asisterbrandd has just released a new  basics line, and it's amazing!

    When people think about tie dye they naturally think about bright and “out there” clothing. We decided our clothing will go with our day to day aesthetics which we would describe as neutral, simple, and chic. We offer tie dye pieces that everyone can relate to; our colorways are versatile and every piece is unisex. In addition to this, we donate a portion of our proceeds to nonprofit organizations.

    When we began receiving photos from our customers all over the country we were in awe. Seeing our handmade creations being worn and enjoyed by men and women, siblings, parents, and even grandparents and babies makes everyday worth all of our hard work. We’re contacted by healthcare workers constantly who thank us for giving back to those in need during the pandemic as well as endless heartfelt messages from thankful customers.

    What is the hardest part about starting a small business?

    The unknown is always the hardest. We sometimes find ourselves doubting our ideas but ultimately learned that owning a small business means trusting our gut and jumping head first into the water.

    What's something that you do to feel comfortable and beautiful at the same time?

    All three of us use a term that we learned from our Scottish Mom; “Foozle.” We describe Foozle as a way to put ourselves together when we are feeling a bit down. Whether that is curling our hair, putting on makeup or even throwing on a pair of jeans and dressing up. Basically, whenever we feel like we need a bit of a pick me up is when we love to Foozle!

    What are your favorite Marché pieces?

    Romi lives in her Arches Pants, she loves that it can be dressed up or down and the fabric is to die for. Lianne’s favorite Marché piece is the Lyla Dress, she adores the femininity of it and loves to pair it with slides and a casual purse. Emmy’s go-to Marché look are her Zion Shorts with a casual tank or sweater and the adorable St Tropez Hat.

    How do you wear your Marché pieces? We wear our Marché pieces when we are out and about in our free time- running errands, socially distanced get togethers, lounging on the couch or even on neighborhood walks. Each piece truly elevates our everyday outfits and are so comfortable and versatile for any occasion.


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